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Mclennan acquire Alzanti.

Following recent talks Mclennan Servo Supplies are pleased to announce the acquisition of the Alzanti product range of stepper motor drives and controllers.

After more than thirty five years in the motion control business the Alzanti product range consists of a wide selection of unipolar and bipolar full step / half step Eurocard stepper drives from 0.2 to 9A.   Options include on-board oscillator and micro-stepper adapter boards.   Also available is an integrated motion controller with integral 1A per phase bipolar stepper drive.   The product range is complimentary to the stepper drive and control product range designed and manufactured by Mclennan.

From July 2004 Mclennan will manufacturing the Alzanti branded range of stepper drives and controls and these will be available for purchase with matched stepper motors with optional encoders and spur / planetary gearheads.

New UK source for Fiber motors and gearboxes.

Mclennan Servo Supplies has been appointed the UK agent and distributor for the Fiber range of motors and gearboxes.   The low cost product range is ideally suited to a wide range of applications such as small pump drives, rotating displays, vending machines and CCTV ancillary drives.   The range includes geared unidirectional and bidirectional AC synchronous motors with supply options of 24-230V AC, output speeds from 1 to 60rev/min and torque ratings up to 0.3Nm.   Gearbox options include integral free-wheels and clutches that protect the units against drive-back conditions - a common problem in rotating point-of-sale displays.

Fiber has been designing and producing electromechanical and electronic devices for industrial automation since 1953 and is now a sector leader, proof of the reliability of a product completely manufactured in-house.   Design creativity, technological renewal, strategy of research and a management able to face the market’s demand for quality have allowed Fiber to achieve maximum production flexibility which has resulted in an excellent final product and the capability of producing volumes of 100,000 pieces on a lead time of just 4 weeks.

For specific Fiber product information see the "AC Synchronous Motors" page in "Products", then select either the "Motors" or "Geared Motors" categories.

Data for re-engineered Ovoid Gearboxes

Ovoid Gearboxes re-engineered
& available from stock

Data sheet

Re-engineered Ovoid Gearboxes.

Designed to fit a wide variety of instrument motors, the popular P5 ovoid gearbox has been re-engineered to offer a shorter manufacturing lead-time for high volume applications.   Ratios from 25:6 to 15,000:1 are available and comprehensive stocks of the 15 most popular ratios are carried.   As well as additional standard ratios, many other options are available such as custom shaft lengths, double output shafts, integral torque limiting clutches or free-wheels.

P5 series gearboxes incorporate precision spur cut brass gears and steel pinions mounted on spindles running in bronze alloy bearings which feature lubrication reservoirs for extended life, control accuracy and high dynamic performance.   Full compatibility is available with the following motor ranges manufactured by leading motor manufacturer, Premotec B.V. -

  • DC Motors, to provide 0.2-720RPM at rated torque of 1.5-80Ncm.   Potentiometers can be fitted to provide an analogue reference signal proportional to output shaft position
  • Permanent magnet stepper motors, to provide 200-720,000 steps/rev at output with working torque from 1.5-100Ncm
  • Reversible AC synchronous motors, of 24, 110 and 230Vac to provide rated speeds from 60RPM to 1 rev/hour* at rated torque from 1.2-100Ncm. (* based on the use of 250RPM AC synchronous motors)

The gearboxes can also be fitted to motors manufactured by other manufacturers including Portescap, Maxon, Faulhaber and Danaher Motion.   The precision construction of the gearbox makes it ideal for a wide range of applications such as medical analysis equipment, pumps, valve actuators, CCTV pan and tilt mechanisms and other process control equipment.

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