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Mechanical Integration - ServoBelt Linear stages
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ServoBelt linear data ServoBelt Linear Stages

ServoBelt Precision Belt-Drive Axis, belt-drive economy with screw-drive responsiveness and "best in class" repeatability with linear motor speed. Five standard motor sizes (three NEMA 34, two NEMA 23), third party motors are supported. Eleven standard chassis configurations (six single 20mm rail, five dual 20mm rail) in virtually unlimited lengths. The ServoBelt’s absolute accuracy out-of-the-box of ±60 micron (bi-directional) will be suitable for most applications without the need for an additional linear encoder. Installation of a linear encoder is easily accomplished on all standard models (non-wrap-around) and on the wider wrap-around models (180W and 270W). Mclennan Servo Supplies engineering can configure complete multi-axis systems with customer utilities, hole patterns and connectorisation.

  • Virtually No Maintenance.
    The simplicity and elegance of the ServoBelt design allows for easy serviceability. Typically, the ServoBelt will require no servicing at all as the belt and bearings are lubed for life. Replacement or resizing of the motors is easily done. A new carriage can be installed quickly as well. Should re-lubrication of the belt be required, belt accessibility makes this a simple task. Should the active belt become damaged, replacing it is easily accomplished.
  • Maximum Performance, No Problem.
    ServoBelt increases the servo-stiffness beyond that of a standard belt drive by an order of magnitude. The active length of belt subject to stretching deformation is less than three inches at any point of the ServoBelt’s range of travel. This has two immediate benefits: the first being the aforementioned tremendous increase in stiffness, the second being the uniformity of the stiffness characteristic over the entire length of stage travel. In standard belt drives, belt stiffness (springiness) variation from one end of travel to the other is often the most troublesome variable for effectively tuning the axis to get maximum performance. As performance decreases, motor power is expended controlling the stage position during motion as opposed to actually moving the stage, thus requiring larger, heavier, and more expensive motors for tasks that are easily accomplished using a ServoBelt with a smaller sized motor. ServoBelt move settling times are typically 10-20% of a comparable standard belt drive. The unique design of the ServoBelt allows for multiple stages to be placed on a single axis and for multiple motors to be placed on a single stage with no increase in cross sectional envelope.
  • Innovative Design.
    A static, bonded lower belt meshes with the upper dynamic belt so that the active belting under tension is less than a few inches long. Servo tuning can have much higher gains than conventional belts because stiffness is increased and does not change throughout the travel.
  • Adjustable travel limits
  • Third party motors supported
  • Fully stackable for Cartesian systems
  • Anodized aluminum construction with SS hardware
  • Energy chain(s) for your utilities and stacked axes
  • Five standard motor sizes (three NEMA 34, two NEMA 23)
  • Out-of-the-box bi-directional repeatability of ±.0024 in. (60µ)
  • Single or dual rail 20mm lubed-for-life linear bearings support high loads and ensure longevity
  • Eleven standard chassis configurations (six single 20mm rail, five dual 20mm rail) in virtually unlimited lengths
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