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BL060-H03-G 42mm Brushless DC Motor, 60W

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Brushless DC Motor, 60W

Part NumberBL060-H03-G
Frame Size42 mm
Rated Torque1.15 in-lb
Peak Torque2.30 in-lb
Rated Power60 watts
Rated Voltage24 volts
Rated Speed4500 rpm
Peak Speed5000 rpm
Rated Current3.6 A rms
Peak Current7.2 A rms
Torque Constant0.33 in-lb/A
Voltage Constant2.7 V/krpm
Armature Resistance0.45 ohms
Armature Inductance0.44 mH
Motor Length2.76 inch
Rotor Inertia1.02E-03 oz-in-sec2
Weight1.2 lbs
Storage Temperature-20 to 70 °C
Operating Temperature0 to 40 °C
Insulation ClassClass E (120 ºC)
Maximum Radial Load0.4 inch from end of shaft, 11 lbs
Maximum Thrust Load0.6 lbs
Shaft Run Out0.0012 inch T.I.R. max
Radial Play0.0008 inch max w/ 1.1 lb load
End Play0.003 inch max w/ 1.1 lb load
Perpendicularity0.004 inches
Concentricity0.002 inches