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New catalogue covers Applied Motion Products full line of lead screw stepper motor packages for linear motion.

A new 20 page catalogue covering the full range of lead screw stepper motor packages from the USA motion specialist AMP Inc. is now available from its exclusive UK distributor, Mclennan.  Aimed at life sciences, laboratory automation, X-Y tables, pick and place and 3D scanners where the range has proven very popular, the hybrid stepper motors include an integral lead screw and nut arrangement that produces linear motion with high performance and excellent endurance in very compact packages.  Motor sizes available are NEMA 08, 11, 14 and 23 - with each size having a choice of lead screw/nut configurations that effectively allow either the nut to move the load via a carriage and support bearing or the lead screw to push or pull the load as a linear actuator.

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Mclennan's AMP stepper motor range expands!

Smaller motor sizes and 400 step motors: Mclennan’s AMP stepper motor range expands

AMP's Expands stepSERVO™ Range

More choice for integrated stepper motor package: Applied Motion Products stepSERVO™ range expands

Applied Motion agrandi sa gamme stepSERVO™ pour un plus grand choix de moteurs pas à pas avec électronique et contrôleur intégrés.


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