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Mclennan Servo Supplies Limited - Advanced Motion Control Technology

For over 40 years Mclennan has been a leading supplier of motion control products, services and systems serving the UK, Ireland and more recently France.  In certain niche markets such as scientific research and vacuum science we sell solutions, components and assemblies worldwide. 

We specialise in motor sizes 1kW and less but many of our solutions are 100W or less, but do have larger motors if required for special projects.

We have a large commitment to stock allowing us to respond quickly to customer needs - JIT deliveries and KANBAN systems can be easily catered for.  This activity supports our LEAN customers and manufacturers alike providing the necessary buffers a reliable supply chain needs.

We have the capability for manufacture mechanical parts; carry out mechanical assembly and electrical wiring.  This combination of distribution, manufacturing and systems integration capability allows us to provide custom solutions, including manufacture of sub assemblies, complete control systems and mechanical mechanisms.

Our own electronic designs including our popular PM1000 motion controller provides flexible, easy to use solutions.  This flexibility allows us to address small bespoke systems with ease.  OEM solutions can also be catered for either in component or housed formats.

Mclennan has a commitment to technical excellence, customer service and a partnership approach to business.  In these days where motion control capability is so limited, Mclennan offers its customers a full design and specification service backed up with full technical sales and applications support staff.  

The products we show here is just a sample of our overall capability and if we don’t have what you need chances are we know where to get it. For assistance with any motion related issue you have, be it technical or a supply issue, give us a call and our friendly and knowledgable staff will help you.

Featured Products

MAC140 - 134W IP67 Version, Integrated Servo motor

Mclennan is delighted to act as stocking distributor in the UK, for the full range of Integrated Servo Motors offered by JVL based in Denmark. The MAC serie...

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ST10-Q-NN, DC Advanced Microstep Drive w/ Q Programming

Mclennan is delighted to act as stocking distributor and sales partner (UK, Ireland, and France) for the full range of Stepper Drives offered by Applied Mot...

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23HSX Range of High Performance Hybrid Stepper Motors

The high performance 23HSX series hybrid stepper motors conform to the International NEMA standard and provide 200/400 steps/rev when used with full/half s...

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SV2B3-Q-AE - Digital Servo Drive w/ On-board motion control

The SV200 series digital servo drives offer excellent performance at exceptional value. They provide short settling times of 0 to 2 milliseconds. Auto-tunin...

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HH23-101 - Hollow Shaft, NEMA 23 High Torque Step Motor

The HH23-101 two-phase stepper motor features a hollow shaft with an 8 mm bore. The hollow shaft allows for the attachment of lead screws and customized sha...

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