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AMP Capacitive Encoders

 Mclennan is pleased to announce Applied Motion Products, Inc introduction of a new encoder feedback option for NEMA 17, 23, and 24 frame stepper motors. These new incremental encoders are built upon a technology that utilises capacitive reactance to generate digital signals for speed and position feedback in the motor and drive system. Capacitive encoders offer advantages over other encoder types, including resistance to environmental contaminants such as dust and oil. Modular capacitive encoders also have thin profiles and are competitively priced.

Step motors with CAA encoders


New CAA type capacitive encoders can be added to all NEMA 17, 23, and 24 frame step motors from Applied Motion Products, providing the same enhancements to system performance as existing WAA, YAA, and ZAA encoder options. To simplify product selection, a select group of the most popular step motor part numbers have been pre-configured with these new encoder options. A list of those part numbers is shown below.

Pre-Configured Part Numbers:

  • NEMA 17 frame size step motors with capacitive encoders
    • HT17-268D-CAA
    • HT17-271D-CAA
    • HT17-275D-CAA
    • HT17-278D-CAA
  • NEMA 23 frame size step motors with capacitive encoders
    • HT23-552D-CAA
    • HT23-553D-CAA
    • HT23-554D-CAA
    • HT23-594D-CAA
    • HT23-598D-CAA
    • HT23-598DC-CAA
    • HT23-601D-CAA
    • HT23-601DC-CAA
    • HT23-603D-CAA
  • NEMA 24 frame size step motors with capacative encoders
    • HT24-100D-CAA
    • HT24-105D-CAA
    • HT24-108D-CAA

Product Features:

  • Capacitive encoder technology is impervious to environmental contaminants.
  • 2000 PPR resolution standard. Other resolutions available upon request.
  • A, B, and Z (index) channels, differential line driver outputs.
  • Low profile encoder housing.
  • Ideal for use with Applied Motion Products motors and drives. Motors ship with encoders pre-assembled onto rear shaft of motor.
  • Lower cost, single-ended encoders (BAA type) are available for cost-sensitive applications.