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Brushless DC Motor Products

Mclennan offers an extensive selection of Brushless DC Motors sourced from leading manufacturers, ranging from compact high-speed Slotted Motors to larger Integrated Electronic Types.

Carefully curated to ensure diversity, our range provides customers with rapid deliveries, primarily from our well-stocked inventory, at competitive prices, capitalizing on Mclennan's purchasing power.

Additionally, we provide competitive value-added options, including integration with a range of Gearheads for enhanced torque and resolution, along with a variety of Encoders, Brakes, and Tachometers, all readily available in our inventory. These enhancements can be tailored to meet customer specifications or drawings and can be delivered via Just-in-Time (JIT) Kanban deliveries, facilitating the optimisation of your LEAN manufacturing systems for peak performance.

Uncertain about your requirements? No problem. Contact us today, and our experienced Sales & Applications Engineers stand ready to offer expert guidance, helping you achieve your objectives effectively.