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Servo Motor Products

Mclennan offers an extensive range of DC Servo Motors and Drives sourced from leading manufacturers, covering a wide spectrum of applications. Our offerings ranges from basic Instrument DC Servo Motors to precision-engineered solutions for high-precision applications.

Carefully curated to ensure versatility, our product range enables fast deliveries, predominantly from our readily available stock, at competitive prices, leveraging Mclennan's robust purchasing power.

We provide value-added options such as integration with a variety of Gearheads for enhanced torque and resolution, along with a comprehensive selection of Encoders, Brakes, and Tachometers, all readily available in our inventory. These enhancements can be tailored to meet specific customer specifications or drawings. Leveraging Just-in-Time (JIT) Kanban deliveries, we support the optimisation of your LEAN manufacturing systems for peak performance.

Not certain about your requirements? No problem. Reach out to us today, and our skilled Sales & Applications Engineers stand ready to offer expert guidance, assisting you in maximising the potential of your applications.