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Ametek MAE

MAE offers a comprehensive range of products, including stepper motors, brushed and brushless servo motors, low backlash planetary gearboxes and a full range of drives and controllers. MAE stepper motors are designed to meet a wide range of performance characteristics for high-speed, superior acceleration, maximum torque and micro stepping applications.  Mclennan can also provide of suitable drives to compliment your motor application.  MAE focus on producing a standard range of frame sizes and customised motors featuring, dependent on range, low rotor inertia, superior torque characteristics or a balance of both.  Low detent torque models are available for smooth positioning of microstepping systems.

MAE motors are available in standard NEMA sizes from size 16, through 17, 22, 34, and 42, which can be further fitted with connectors, encoders, gearboxes, shafts, custom fittings, control systems and more for your positioning application.  MAE motors are designed and produced to maximise the quality and performance levels of your positioning system, for the long term repeatability and reliability required in your most demanding applications.  MAE’s wide range of products are supplied in the UK by Mclennan Servo Supplies.

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Hybrid Stepper Motors

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