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Stepper Products

Mclennan offers an extensive range of Stepper Motors sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide. Our selection ranges from straightforward Permanent Magnet Can Stack Motors to sophisticated Hybrid Stepper Motors featuring integrated control electronics.

Carefully curated, our range ensures a diverse array of options to facilitate prompt deliveries, primarily from stock, at competative prices, leveraging Mclennan's purchasing power.

In addition, we provide value added solutions such as Gearboxes, Encoders, Brakes, Wiring Harnesses, and Connectors, often customisable to your specifications. These can be seamlessly integrated into your productions through Just-In-Time (JIT) Kanban deliveries, optimising your LEAN manufacturing processes.

Moreover, we offer a comprehensive range of Stepper Drives, Power Supplies, and Motion controllers. If needed, we can engineer fully housed control systems tailored to your precise requirements.

Uncertain about your needs? No problem. Contact us today, and our seasoned Sales & Application Engineers will offer expert advice and assistance to maximise your objectives. Experience the difference with us - we're here to exceed your expectations.