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Motion controllers, Systems & Software

Mclennan offers a very wide range of world class Motion controllers , from our own PM1000 to a number of the leading suppliers. These can be for Servo or Stepper systems and are available in number of different protocols to suit any application.

Our range has been selected to offer a wide cross section to provide our customers with fast deliveries, mostly ex-stock, at a competitive cost making full use of the buying power Mclennan has.

We can also offer competitive added value options such as fitting them to an array of gearheads for increased torque and resolution and a variety of encoders, brakes and tachos, all of which we keep in stock. This can be to a customers specification or drawing. These can be delivered to JIT Kanban deliveries helping you to maintain your LEAN manufacturing systems to operate at their best.

Not sure what you need? No problem. call us today and an experienced Sales & Applications Engineers are on hand to advise and help you get the most out what you are trying to achieve.