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Motion controllers, Systems & Software

Mclennan offers an extensive range of cutting-edge Motion Controllers, including our own PM1000 and products from leading manufacturers. Designed for both Servo and Stepper systems, these Controllers support various protocols to accommodate any application requirement.

Our meticulously curated range ensures a diverse selection, enabling prompt deliveries, primarily from our well-stocked inventory, at competitive prices, leveraging Mclennan's considerable purchasing power.

Furthermore, we provide competitive value-added options, such as Integrating Controllers with a range of Gearheads for enhanced torque and resolution, along with a comprehensive assortment of Encoders, Brakes, and Tachometers, all readily available in our inventory. These enhancements can be tailored to meet customer specifications or drawings and can be delivered via Just-in-Time (JIT) Kanban deliveries, facilitating the optimisation of your LEAN manufacturing systems for peak performance.

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