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Heavy duty industrial encoder has optical transmission

Heavy duty industrial encoder has optical transmission.

A new optical encoder for harsh environment use with an integrated fibre optic transmitter and separate receiver that makes position and speed feedback over extremely long distances possible and offers excellent EMC resilience is available from Mclennan Servo Supplies.

The new XHI 801 Optolink is part of the 'Heavy Duty' 800 series from Leine & Linde, the Swedish encoder specialist and in addition to long distance signal transmission of up to 1500 metres, the XHI 801 Optolink is unaffected by electromagnetic disturbances and has excellent galvanic insulation between the transmitter and receiver.   These characteristics make the encoder well suited to remote monitoring applications such as speed and blade pitch position for wind turbines or robotic manipulation positioning in hazardous areas.   Other interesting areas of use will include EMC sensitive motion control and where control systems may be susceptible to lightning strikes such as cranes and hoists.

The hollow shaft incremental encoder is available in a wide choice of angular resolutions from 500 to 10000 pulses per rev and features both optically transmitted and HTL, TTL or RS-422 electrical signals that may used together for both short distance servo control and long distance position monitoring.   The separate receiver accessory converts the optically transmitted information into HTL or RS422 level signals.

The XHI 801 Optolink is a ruggedised industrial grade encoder with IP67 ingress protection and a very high resilience to shock and vibration.   With ceramic bearings, stainless steel hollow shaft and durable anodised aluminium housing, the encoder offers an extremely long life with low maintenance over an operational temperature range of -40ºC to + 80ºC.   Other Leine & Linde 800 series encoders available from Mclennan include ATEX versions, extra robust versions with HTL, TTL or RS422 electrical output, units with built-in advanced diagnostics for extreme levels of safety and reliability, and dual redundancy versions.

Heavy duty industrial encoder has optical transmission
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