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Industry 4.0 with encoders: Leine & Linde’s offers heavy duty encoders with integrated environmental diagnostics

Ash Vale, Surrey, UK – April 2016: Leine & Linde, the Swedish encoder designer and manufacturer offers heavy duty incremental encoders for use in challenging environments that can optionally provide predictive maintenance diagnostics for the encoder’s operational condition - and now can also monitor and report critical data for its surroundings. Available to specify and order in the UK from Mclennan, Leine & Linde’s distribution partner, the new ADS Online option builds upon well-developed diagnostics technology used to monitor the encoder for early signs of failure with new multi-sensor technology that can sense externally located fault conditions which could include shaft vibration, over-temperature, shaft speed, frequency, supply voltage and other critical factors.

This flexible technology operates with associated PC software to allow user set-up of custom warning levels with the capability for alarms, recording/trend analysis and graphical presentation of the environmental parameters during operation. The encoder may also connect to an Ethernet network to provide remote access from any location. If required, visual warnings can be included through fault LEDs on the encoder or electrically via signal cable output.  

As a pre-requisite for Industry 4.0, ADS Online provides a convenient platform for predictive maintenance on motors and rotating machinery, and can be integrated into several of Leine and Linde’s 800 series ‘Heavy Duty’ incremental encoders. There is also a separate upgrade module available that can be installed on any 800-series encoder that will simplify the step into Industry 4.0 for existing drive systems.

Leine & Linde’s 800 series encoders offer a choice of TTL, RS 422, HTL, HCHTL square wave outputs with resolution to 10000 ppr as well as sinusoidal 1 Vpp. Available in both shaft and hollow shaft styles with a variety of mechanical and electrical interfacing options, these extremely robust and reliable encoders feature dual heavy-duty bearings and fully encapsulated enclosures for extremely high resistance to shock and vibration as well as excellent noise immunity.  With dual redundancy and ATEX version options the 800 series are well proven in heavy industry applications such as steel, paper, oil & gas, processing and wind power.