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New Applied Motion Products

New Applied Motion Products Inc. ST Configurator™ set-up software is available from Mclennan.

Applied Motion Products Inc. latest version of its ST Configurator™ GUI is now available from Mclennan Servo Supplies.   The software supports set-up, configuration, programming and firmware management across the USA motion specialists entire range of configurable intelligent microstepping drives, including the popular DC powered ST line, the STM integrated drive+motor and the AC powered STAC drives.   The intuitive graphical interface provides access to all motor, I/O, encoder and motion control parameters and includes drive status, alarm monitoring and a self-test function to evaluate drive and motor operation.

With more than 98 stepper drives supported, covering stall torques up to 13Nm, the new software provides seamless communication with all models whether they have RS-232, RS-485, CANopen or Ethernet communication.   As well as providing graphical point and click programming for simple machine sequencing, the easy-to-use software also includes a built-in version of Q Programmer™ allowing users to write and edit multi-tasked motion and machine control code on Q-controller intelligent drives - which offer advanced features such as electronic gearbox, high speed product registration and stall detection functions.

Applied Motion Products Inc. ST, STM and STAC intelligent drives include varying levels of machine I/O and communication ports, and feature sophisticated current control, advanced anti-resonance and torque ripple algorithms for smooth dynamic microstepping performance.   A choice of S, Si and Q control options cover simple step and direction, GUI based programming and sophisticated host control with optional encoder following.   Mclennan also supports Applied Motion Products Inc.' wide range of intelligent servo drives which offer similar levels of control.   All drive technologies may be mixed for complete and competitively priced multi-axis motion and machine control.

Applied Motion Products Inc. ST Configurator
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