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New Catalogue

New catalogue covers Applied Motion Products full line of lead screw stepper motor packages for linear motion.

A new 20 page catalogue covering the full range of lead screw stepper motor packages from the USA motion specialist AMP Inc. is now available from its exclusive UK distributor, Mclennan.  Aimed at life sciences, laboratory automation, X-Y tables, pick and place and 3D scanners where the range has proven very popular, the hybrid stepper motors include an integral lead screw and nut arrangement that produces linear motion with high performance and excellent endurance in very compact packages.  Motor sizes available are NEMA 08, 11, 14 and 23 - with each size having a choice of lead screw/nut configurations that effectively allow either the nut to move the load via a carriage and support bearing or the lead screw to push or pull the load as a linear actuator.

This flexibility allows users to select exactly the right configuration with cost and availability benefits of standard items, ready for straightforward assembly into their application.  The stainless steel lead screw and proprietary manufactured part-thermoplastic rotor drive nut arrangement provides low audible noise and smooth operation for applications requiring precise positioning and rapid motion.  With no maintenance required, motor life is more than 10 times that of a traditional V thread and bronze nut alternatives with much quieter operation.

The new catalogue, available in hard copy or as a downloadable PDF from the website, details all of the necessary mechanical interfacing and transmission details in terms of linear travel per motor step as well as the motor and performance characteristics such as linear force vs. motor speed.  This allows precise matching with AMP’s extensive range of microstepping drives and choice of motion control.

Through the range of motor sizes, the available force varies from 7 N at 12 mm/sec for the NEMA 08 size, to over 1300 N with speeds up to 1500 mm/sec for the largest NEMA 23 frame version.  The effective lead screw or nut travel length for the smallest motor is from 40 mm with up to around 90 mm for the largest version.  Custom versions with varying travel lengths are readily available.  The effective linear resolution, determined by the lead screw pitch and a full-step (200 per rev’) of the hybrid motor can be just a few microns – with even finer resolution available when using microstepping mode drives.

Mclennan provides complete support across AMP’s extensive range of stepper and servo motor based motion controls which covers panel mount intelligent brushless servo’s and stepper drives in addition to microstepping stepper motors with integrated drives and controls for distributed installation.  The range is complemented with a choice of three programming/control level options - S, Q and Si – that span basic pulse and direction control to multi-tasking software with electronic gearing concepts, conditional programming and complex maths functions.  With a choice of communications interfacing including USB, CANopen and Ethernet, each control option includes machine I/O and various levels of feature capability to suit all application types.  All drive technologies may be mixed and matched together with respective controls to suit the application and this flexibility can be extended further for multi-axis host control, configured, programmed and/or networked with a PC, PAC, PLC or HMI in host or standalone modes.

Mclennan has distribution partnerships with a small but significant number of global manufacturers and from its Hampshire based production and design facility supplies a complete range of motion control products from components to complete integrated assemblies - with customised mechanics, special electrical interfacing, precision gearheads and other powertrain components.

New catalogue covers Applied Motion Products full line of lead screw stepper motor packages for linear motion
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