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PITTMAN DC micromotors

PITTMAN® high speed brushless/slotless DC micromotors from Mclennan are specially designed for medical applications.

As part of its distribution partnership with USA motion specialist AMETEK, Mclennan Servo Supplies offers complete sales support for the recently announced PITMANN range of specialist high-speed brushless/slotless DC micromotors.   With speeds up to 70,000rpm, motor diameters from less than 10mm and excellent torque to size performance, the range is aimed at demanding medical device applications and other miniature power transmission systems where very high rotary speeds and compact size characteristics need to be combined with smooth velocity control, low audible noise, long life and high reliability.

The 12 and 24Vdc motors are being used increasingly as the medical industry moves away from pneumatic driven devices towards miniature electromechanical systems that require more precise control for the next generation of surgical, dentistry and micro‑surgery tools.   The PITTMAN high speed slotless brushless motor construction effectively eliminates the stator teeth by forming and encapsulating the entire stator winding along the inside surface of the back iron.   The design entirely removes magnetic cogging, resulting in zero detent torque, low inductance and fast response rates that ensure very rapid acceleration/deceleration and excellent speed regulation.

The range covers motor diameters from 9.5mm to 28mm and torque ratings from 0.2Ncm to 10.5Ncm with a choice of stack lengths in 5 frames sizes for application sizing flexibility.   Standard features include shielded ball bearings, stainless steel construction and high-energy neodymium rotor magnets.   Permanent magnet rotors are balanced for smooth and quiet operation at high speeds.

The PITTMAN high speed brushless/slotless range complements Mclennan’s comprehensive product range which includes brushed and brushless DC and AC servo motors, stepper motors, spur and planetary gearboxes, drives and motion controls as well as custom designed precision motion control based mechatronics assemblies.

PITTMAN® high speed brushless/slotless DC micromotors from Mclennan are specially designed for medical applications
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