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HW23-754 - IP65 Rated, NEMA 23 High Torque Step Motor

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IP65 Rated, NEMA 23 High Torque Step Motor

Part NumberHW23-754
Frame SizeNEMA 23
Motor TypeHigh torque
Part Number w/Double ShaftNA
Part Number w/EncoderHW23-754D-ZAC
Part Number w/Encoder & CoverNA
Motor Length3.23 inches
Number of Lead Wires8
Lead Wire Configurationshielded cable, no connector
Lead Wire/Cable Length10 ft
Lead Wire Gauge22 AWG
Unipolar Holding Torque184 oz-in
Bipolar Holding Torque227 oz-in
Step Angle1.8 deg
Bipolar Series Current0.71 A/phase
Bipolar Series Resistance16.6 Ohms/phase
Bipolar Series Inductance60.8 mH/phase
Bipolar Parallel Current1.41 A/phase
Bipolar Parallel Resistance4.15 Ohms/phase
Bipolar Parallel Inductance15.2 mH/phase
Unipolar Current1.00 A/phase
Unipolar Resistance8.3 Ohms/phase
Unipolar Inductance15.2 mH/phase
Rotor Inertia6.51E-03 oz-in-sec2
Integral GearheadNo
Weight2.2 lbs
Storage Temperature-30 to 70 °C
Operating Temperature-20 to 50 °C
Insulation ClassClass B (130 ÂșC)
Maximum Radial LoadNA
Maximum Thrust LoadNA
Shaft Run Out0.002 inch T.I.R. max
Radial Play0.0008 inch max w/ 1.1 lb load
End Play0.003 inch max w/ 2.2 lb load
Perpendicularity0.004 inches
Concentricity0.003 inches