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  • Integrated Stepper Motors
  • Integrated Stepper Motor

JVL Quickstep Integrated Stepper Motors


Order no.
Max Current (A) Torque Holding/Running (Nm) Protec- tion    
MIS231 MIS232 MIS234 3 3 3 1.3/1.1 1.8/1.6 3.0/2.9 Standard IP42
The QuickStep series of Stepping motors with integrated electronics represents a major step forward.
MIS231x11 MIS232x11 MIS234x11 3 3 3 1.3/1.1 1.8/1.6 3.0/2.9 Water Proof IP65
JVL invented the QuickStep Integrated Stepping Motors.
SMC75xxMx 3   Standard IP42 SMC75 with housing JVL integrated Stepper Motor Controller with PLC.
  Open board SMC75 with no housing integrated Stepper / stepping Motor Controller from world leader JVL industri elektronik
MIS340 MIS341 MIS342 9 9 9 3.0/2.5 6.1/5.1 9.0/7.2 Standard IP42 Integrated MIS / Quickstep integrated Stepper Motors from JVL.
MIS340x11 MIS341x11 MIS342x11 9 9 9 3.0/2.5 6.1/5.1 9.0/7.2 WaterProof IP65
A wealth of possibilities with Quickstep stepper motor from JVL.
MIS430 MIS432 9 9 10.0/x.x 25.0/x.x Standard IP42
Quickstep by JVL is the world´s most compact stepper motors with the highest microstepping resolution.
  Standard IP42 SMC85 with housing Stepper Motor Controller with PLC, CANopen and 8IO.
SMC85xx 9   Open board SMC85 with no housing