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Type Direct Drive Linear (dual axis)
Bearing type
Long axis: (1) Preloaded 4-row ball
Short axis: (2) Preloaded 2-row ball
Travel max (mm)
Long axis: 1800
Short axis: 102
Motor type
Air core 3-phase linear motor, parallel or series wound, 3 coil lengths

Accuracy (µm)Linear accuracy at stage centerline, after two point temperature scale correction.

Long axis: ±4/meter
Short axis: ±10

Angular deviation (arc-sec)Yaw angle maximum in the plane of the linear bearings. Most chassis are flexible enough that this is generally the achievable number when the unit is straightened on user surface.

Long axis: ±8
Short axis: ±10

Bi-directional repeatability (µm)
Long axis: ±2
Short axis: ±10

Uni-directional repeatability (µm)If deceleration and payload are kept constant.

Long axis: ±1
Short axis: ±5

Encoder Resolutions: linear (µm), rotary (CPR) 1 µm, 0.5 µm, 0.1 µm
Speed (m/sec) 4
Continuous linear Force (N) (coil length dash number)
Short axis as % of long axis, at (example payload kg)
Long axis: 5.6(-0), 12.9(-1)
Short axis: 92%(.9), 70%(2.3)
Max moment Pitch, Yaw for 106 m @ 2 m/sec (N-m) 3
Max moment, Roll for 106 m @ 2 m/sec (N-m) 0.8
Moving mass (kg)
3.4(-0), 3.7(-1)
Max payload (kg)

Chassis mass constant (C)Chassis mass = Length x .015 + C (kg)

C = 3.4(-0), 4.6(-1)
Cable length from end of stage, std (±25 mm)
2850- (add 2 m as an option)