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MAC3000-D6 - 3.0kW- IP67 with brake Integrated Servo motor


3.0kW- IP67 with brake Integrated Servo motor

Rated output @ 3000RPM3000W
Rated Torque RMS9.55Nm
Peak Torque28.7Nm
Inertia (kgcm2 )27.98
Max. angular acceleration 40000rad/sec2
Length 366mm
Weight (without expansion module)17.1kg
Audible noise level (measured in 30cm distance)65 dB(A)
Backlash (when brake is activated)<±1 degree
Speed range for MAC800-30000-3000RPM with full torque. Max 3500 RPM. Overspeed protection if speed>3600=motor will go in passive mode
Amplifier control systemMAC1500-3000: Sinusoidal wave PWM control. 5kHz switching.
Filter6th order filter with only one inertia load factor parameter to be adjusted. Expert tuning also available for professionals
Feedback. Standard incrementalMAC400, MAC402, MAC1500 and MAC3000 : Incremental A and B encoder 8192 CPR. (Physical 2048 PPR )
Control mode* ±10V Speed and Torque. A B encoder outputs * Pulse/direction and 90° phase shifted A B (Incremental). * RS422 or RS232 (5V) po