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MAC800-D6 746W- IP65- with brake, Integrated Servo motor


746W- IP65- with brake, Integrated Servo motor

Rated output @ 3000RPM750W
Rated Torque RMS2.38Nm
Peak Torque6.8Nm
Inertia (kgcm2 )1.13
Max. angular acceleration40000rad/sec2
Weight (without expansion module)4.3kg
Audible noise level (measured in 30cm distance)65 dB(A)
Backlash (when brake is activated)<±1 degree
Speed range for MAC800-3000 0-3000RPM with full torque. Max 3500 RPM. Overspeed protection if speed>3600=motor will go in passive mode
Amplifier control systemMAC400-800: Sinusoidal wave PWM control. 20kHz switching.
Filter6th order filter with only one inertia load factor parameter to be adjusted. Expert tuning also available for professionals
Feedback. Standard incrementalMAC800: Incremental A and B encoder 8000CPR (Physical 2000PPR)
Control mode * ±10V Speed and Torque. A B encoder outputs * Pulse/direction and 90° phase shifted A B (Incremental). * RS422 or RS232 (5V) po