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  • Eurocard Stepper Drives

MSE570 EVO2 3.5 Amp Eurocard Stepper Drive

Eurocard Stepper Drive

Type without front panel Type with front panel  

MSE570 Evo 2

PM570 Evo 2
Supply Voltage Current consumption Vdc Amps 15-48 + 10% max. 1-2.7 A Max ripple: 3 V peak/Peak Depending on motor selected
Logic Supply Voltage Vdc No separate supply required Use motor supply
Output Stage Output current per phase   Step logic   Amps   2 Phase Bi-polar 2 Phase Bi-polar 0.5 to 3.5 Full step / half step Chopped constant current Chopped constant current Set by on-board DIP switch Open circuit for full step
Control signals   CMOS Schmitt trigger @ 12V with 10KW   pull-up resistors             & diode isolation
Logic 0: ( Low ) Volts 0 to 2 or contact closure to 0V
Logic 1: ( high ) Volts 9V to 30V max. or open circuit
Monitor Outputs Low Level High Level   Volts Volts Open collector NPN transistor 1 max. Open Circuit Referenced to 0V @ 30mA max. + 24V max.
Auxiliary outputs Vdc Vdc Regulated +12V @ 50mA max. Regulated +5V @ 50mA max. For use with on-board oscillator
Thermal Protection   Standard Automatic shutdown protection
Condition monitoring   Standard Via 5 way LED display + outputs
Up-grade options On board Oscillator     Optional User fit options: refer to manual
Dimensions mm 100 high x 160 long x 35.5 Std. Eurocard : Use 7HP wide panel