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Servo Belt Linear Drive (SBL), Light


Servo Belt Linear Drive (SBL), Light

ServoBelt Linear Light
Type Rotary Drive Linear, NEMA 23 or user motor.

Recommended Maximum Payload (lb)Payload x Acceleration = Linear Force

Linear travel per motor revolution (mm)
Bearing type
Preloaded 4-row ricirculating ball, standard or corrosion resistant
Maximum Length
5.5 m with single-piece chassis
Virtually limitless travel distances with chassis splices.

Motor type 3-phase brushless servo or user supplied of any type

Accuracy (µm)Linear accuracy at stage centerline, after two point temperature scale correction.

Linear optical encoder: ±4/meter
Rotary encoder: ±135/full travel

Uni-directional repeatability (µm)Achievable under ideal conditions.

Bi-directional repeatability (µm) ±25 to ±125 depending on deceleration profile.

Angular deviation (±arc-sec)Yaw angle maximum in the plane of the base. Most chassis are flexible enough that this value is generally the achievable number when the unit is straightened on user surface.

Encoder type and resolutions: rotary (CPR), linear (µm)
16KCPR (NEMA 23) rotary motor encoder;
1 µm magnetic linear;
1 µm, 0.5 µm, 0.2 µm, 0.1 µm optical linear
Speed (m/sec) 4

Max continuous linear force (lbf)Linear force at carriage, based on a range of standard motors.

32 single carriage
25 dual carriage
Max shear for 106 m @ 2 m/sec (N)
Max pitch and yaw moment for 106 m @ 2 m/sec (N-m) 5.6
Max roll moment for 106 m @ 2 m/sec (N-m) 5.6
Moving mass and Chassis mass
Refer toconfigurator, depends on carriage style and motor selections.

Ultimate dynamic belt lifeOut-and-back cycles to belt failure at load in Newtons.

30M Cycles @ 56N
20M Cycles @ 112N
15M Cycles @ 168N
2M Cycles @ 225N
Minimum chassis size (mm) 30 x 60
Bearings style-size (mm) single-15