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SM3H-133A_ _UV - 130mm Servo Motor, 1300W, High inertia, with Absolute Multi-turn Encoder

Applied Motion Products

Frame Size 130 mm
Continuous Torque 8.34 N-m
Peak Torque 25 N-m
Rated Voltage 220 VAC
Rated Power 1300 watts
Rated Speed 1500 rpm
Peak Speed 3000 rpm
Rated Current 9.6 A (rms)
Peak Current 29.6 A (rms)
Torque Constant 0.894 in-lb /A (rms)
Voltage Constant 54.2 V/krpm
Armature Resistance 0.66 ohms
Armature Inductance 5.4 mH
Motor Length 184 mm* / 151 mm*
Rotor Inertia 1.83E04 to 2.05E04 g-cm^2*
Integral Holding Brake Optional
Storage Temperature -20 to 60 °C
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 °C
Insulation Class Class B (130 ºC)
Shaft Diameter 22 mm
Maximum Thrust Load 77 lbs
Specification Footnotes *Spec value varies depending on part number. View drawing for more details.
Encoder Type Absolute Multi-turn
Category Series M5 Series
Encoder Format Tamagawa (T-Format)/Nikon
Encoder Resolution 21-bit Absolute Multi-turn Magntic Encoder bits / 23-bit Absolute Multi-turn Optical Encoder bits