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DC Motor Drive Power Supplies

Mclennan design, stock and supply a variety of different Power supplies for DC motors. These range from small low powered switch mode DC units, used for powering single axis systems. Up to the large linear style PSUs, which offer high power and are extremely rugged!

If you are interested or would like any advice/help in choosing the right power supply for your application, please pick up the phone or email us and we will be happy to help! 


MSE and PM Series Linear Power Supplies

MSE & PM series power supplies have been developed specifically for motor drive applications. The output characteristics are ideally suited to stepper & ser...

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MSE Series Linear Power Supplies

MSE (Modular with and without Front Panels & PM (Rack Mounted Power Supplies with front panels) linear power supplies have been developed specifically for mo...

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PS320A48 - 48 VDC Switching Power Supply, 320W

The PS320A48 switching power supply is an excellent choice for use with Applied Motion stepper and servo drives. The PS320A48 is UL Recognized (File No. E341...

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MSE47 Power Supply for the MSE40 Modular DC Servo Amplifier

The MSE47 is a power supply unit designed for chassis mounting. It has two unregulated DC outputs; +20V and –20V rated at 1.5A total, capable of supplying o...

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