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Eurocard DC Motor Drives

MSE421 DC Servo Amplifier

MSE 421 provides a continuous output power rating up to 60 watts with precise servo control of dc servo motors. Operating from a single rail supply which en...

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MSE40 series 6-12 Watt DC Servo Amplifier Module

The MSE40 series DC servo amplifier is ideally suited to instrumentation applications that require accurate velocity or positional control using analogue ...

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MSE47 Power Supply for the MSE40 Modular DC Servo Amplifier

The MSE47 is a power supply unit designed for chassis mounting. It has two unregulated DC outputs; +20V and –20V rated at 1.5A total, capable of supplying o...

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MSB Series System Motherboards for Eurocard Drives & Controllers

Mclennan offers a selection of System Motherbords for ease of wiring up Eurocard Drives & Controllers in both 19 inch Eurorack systems and other installation...

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