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Eurocard Motion Controllers

Available now from a stock, a wide variety of Eurocard Motion Controllers. These controllers can be used in 19" rack systems and can control both Serovs and Steppers, with great accuracy. They can be configured to control up to 64axes via a number of different protocols.

If you are interested or would like any advice/help in choosing the right motion controller for your application, please get in touch!

Euro404 / Euro408 Motion Controller

The Euro404 and Euro408 are high specification Motion Coordinators using a high performance ARM11 processor, with up to eight flexible axis ports and eight ...

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On more and more applications, customers desire an HMI interface for controlling systems. For this reason Mclennan offers the highly reliable Kinco HMI 7". ...

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PM1000 Motion Controller

A fundamental feature of the PM1000 controller is the motion control algorithm developed to meet the most demanding accuracy requirements enabling precise...

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MSB Series System Motherboards for Eurocard Drives & Controllers

Mclennan offers a selection of System Motherbords for ease of wiring up Eurocard Drives & Controllers in both 19 inch Eurorack systems and other installation...

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