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Incremental Kit Encoders (often fitted to our motors)

When ever high precision in motion is required, an encoder is almost always likely to be found. Mclennan has become known for providing the industry's largest array of quick-assemblies and a big part of these assemblies are kit-style encoders. These encoders are simple to add to existing applications, since they comprise just four or five primary components and easily mount on existing shafts. Plus almost all variants are stocked in house for next day or JIT assemblies!

If you require a closed loop solution be it a stepper or servo motor, then look no further and give Mclennan a call today!

Avago Incremental Encoder

The HEDS-5500/5540, HEDS-5600/5640, HEDM-5500/5540 and HEDM-5600 are high performance, low cost, two and three channel optical incremental encoders. These e...

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M Sense B Magnetic Encoder

M Sense B Magnetic Encoder, designed for applications requiring high accuracy and feedback positioning. Quickly and accurately upgrade your motor-drive s...

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US Digital E5 Incremental Rotary Encoder

The E5 Series rotary encoder has a molded polycarbonate enclosure with either a 5-pin or 10-pin finger-latching connector. This optical incremental encoder ...

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Tamagawa Rotary Encoder

Mclennan is delighted to act as stocking distributor and sales partner (UK and Ireland) for the full range of rotary encoders offered by Tamagawa Seiki, manu...

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