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Linear Actuators

Linear slides and mechanisms are a vital part of Mclennan's offering. These are available in screw or belt & pulley configurations, from a number of world class suppliers, and can be used in positioning applications where high speed and accuracy are really required.

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DLS Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Hepco’s DLS Belt Driven Linear Actuator will save you hours in design and specifying time. The system comprises of a belt-driven linear actuator, AC motor/ i...

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PDU2 Belt Driven Linear Actuator

HepcoMotion’s PDU2 low maintenance linear actuator provides a superior combination of load capacity, speed and low friction characteristics. Designed to meet...

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PRT2 Curved Rails and Ring Guides

Hepco Motions PRT2 precision curved rails and ring guides are the leading product for circular motion, developed into a highly advanced range of ring systems...

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SBD Belt Driven Actuator

The SBD Belt Driven actuator provides a higher level of performance in terms of load capacity and life than other comparable sized linear actuators. At the h...

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PC-SeriesTM Precision Linear Actuators

The PC Series electric actuators are designed to deliver superior performance while saving you time and money with easy product sizing and selection, quick a...

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ServoNut power Module

With its low-inertia, high-force driven nut design, ServoNut Power Module outperforms linear motors when it comes to load capacity, acceleration, speed, eas...

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Vacuum Rated Systems

Delivering precision motion in a vacuum chamber or cleanroom is never easy, but it’s a challenge that Bell-Everman meets every day. We have more than a...

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