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Servo Grade Worm Drive Gearboxes

Worm and Wheel gearboxes are commonly used for their high load capacity and extreme ruggedness! They are used in applications where long life is needed and failure is not an option. They can be configured in multiple orientations and can be used with any of out in house steppers, servos or brushless motors.

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V Drive Series Worm and Wheel Gearbox

V-Drive Basic – The quiet endurance runner Servo worm gearheads with output shaft and hollow shaft. The gearing of the V-Drive Basic was specifically develo...

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Servo Belt Rotary Stage (SBR)

ServoBelt Rotary is a series of compact, high-torque rotary stages that offer through hole size and speed comparable to direct-drive rotary tables costing t...

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Direct Drive Theta (DDT)

Our Direct Drive Theta (DDT) rotary stage units feature a compact mechanical design that makes them easy to integrate into metrology systems and other machi...

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