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Applied Motion Products Inc. launch new M5 servo motor line for high-throughput and cost-effective motion control

A new line of cost-effective servo motors from Applied Motion Products Inc. (AMP) is aimed at high-throughput precision motion tasks from 100 W to 3 kW with rated torque to 11 Nm and speeds to 6000 rpm. Available with comprehensive technical support in the UK and Europe from Mclennan, the M5 series’ novel magnetic design yields high-power density and low cogging torque and is available in choice of low-, medium-, and high-inertia options that facilitate motion profile matching for optimised performance.


A choice of several base models in 40 mm through 130 mm frame sizes include a choice of absolute magnetic or absolute optical encoders with resolution to 23-bits, enabling precise position control and smooth motion. The M5 servo motors’ 300% overload torque capability allows high throughput acceleration performance and integral brake options are available throughout the series. Mclennan supplies AMP’s compatible AC servo motor drives with 220 VAC single- or three-phase input and output capability to 13 A continuous/45 A peak. Various models support motion control through optional RS-485, CANopen, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and Profinet protocols. All M5 motors are IP65 rated for water and dust resistance and are UL and CE recognised. The M5 series, which features plug-in power and encoder connectors, is made complete with a wide choice of motor power and encoder cables in varying standard or custom lengths for straightforward installation. Intefacing and electrical customisation is available on request.

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As an exclusive distribution partner for AMP, the leading USA motion components manufacturer, Mclennan provides comprehensive application support from initial project development through to series supply. For complete details on AMPs new M5 servo motor line and related components and systems, or for information on Mclennan’s broad range of stepper and servo-based motion components and systems solutions, call +44 (0) 1252 531444, email  or visit