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JVL’s new 4.5 kW MAC motor® is available from Mclennan

Recently launched by JVL A/S, the leading motion control designer and manufacturer, its new high-capacity MAC4500 integrated servomotor increases the power output of the MAC motor® series with a power rating 4.5 kW at 3000 RPM and 3 x peak torque. Available in the UK with full application support from Mclennan, the MAC4500 integrates motor, encoder and servo drive in a compact and robust housing with a wide choice of optional motion control interfacing and Ethernet comms’ modules.  Further options include absolute multiturn encoders, brakes, STO (safe torque off, SIL3) and application matched gear units from Mclennan. Characteristic of JVL’s integrated motors - where all power and control connectors are included at the motor, and cables and accessories made readily available - there is no requirement to house drives or motion controllers in a control cabinet. Integrated motors not only save space, simplify cabling and reduce time and cost but also offer much better electrical noise protection against traditional cabinet mounted drives where long cable power and signal runs can cause problems between the controller/drive and motor/encoder.

Powered by 3 x 400V AC through M23 connectors, the new 4.5 kW variant has a length of only 330 mm and a mounting flange size of 130 x 130 mm, and yet is capable of delivering a constant torque of 14.3 Nm and 38 Nm peak torque. A 3-phase brushless servo motor with Hall sensor commutation provides smooth torque with precise position and speed control ensured through its 8192 count/rev absolute encoder. Two RS422 channels are also provided for encoder in/out and optional SSI encoder or absolute multiturn encoder  plus 6 x I/O points for position capture, interrupts, and PLC functions. A separate 24V DC input is provided, powering the control voltage for the motion controller, encoder and plug-in modules – ensuring encoder position and all controller values are maintained in an emergency stop situation.

A choice of expansion modules include industrial Ethernet with a choice six protocols, CANbus, JVL’s own ePLC™ processing or RS232/485 interfaces through various D-Sub, cable gland or M-series connectors. Industrial Ethernet options cover selectable Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, SERCOS, ModbusTCP/UDP and Powerlink protocols – all included via firmware change which is free-of-charge. All Ethernet modules include a built-in Ethernet switch facilitating daisy-chain connection between multiple integrated motors for comprehensive machine and motion control. Optional software integration is available with function blocks (FB) for Siemens PLCs and Add-On-Instruction (AOI) for Rockwell Allen Bradley’s ControlLogix PLCs. Integration is also available for LabVIEW, TwinCAT and other manufacturers software.

For stand-alone applications, JVL’s ePLC graphical programming environment facilitates PLC type programming with icon-based, click on command programming. No previous PLC programming knowledge is required, and HMI integration is easily integrated.  Digital and analogue I/O on the controller can be used in the program with branching, jumps, incremental and absolute positions, counters, timers, maths functions and more. Programming is similar for all of JVL’s integrated stepper and servo motor families allowing QuickStep®, ServoStep™ and MAC motors to be grouped in machine systems. With its 4.5 kW power rating, the new MAC4500 joins a comprehensive family of MAC motors with power ratings from 140 W to 3 kW.

Mclennan provides a complete application service for JVL as a long-time distribution partner, covering individual product selection with application sizing and advice through to complete system integration across JVL’s complete range of products and systems. Mclennan also has distribution partnerships with other selected motion control component and systems manufacturers. And with its own comprehensive design and build service provides stepper and servo motor-based automation solutions from single components to complete motion-based sub-systems. For more details, please contact Mclennan at, visit or call 01252 531444.