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  • Eurocard Stepper Drives

MSE570M 4.0 Amp Eurocard Microstepping Drive

Eurocard Microstepping Drive

Supply +15V to +42V smoothed DC unregulated, or 48V regulated supply
Auxiliary outputs (available for external circuitry):+12V regulated 50mA maximum and +5V regulated 50mA maximum
Motor drive output:Bipolar chopped constant current with overload protection. Suitable for driving hybrid or permanent magnet stepper motors with 4
Maximum output current:4.0A "peak of sine" per phase Output current set by on-board DIP switches.
Control inputs: CMOS schmitt trigger inputs operating at +12V with 10 kΩ pull-up resistors and diode isolationLogic 0 (low)- 0V to +2V or contact closure to 0V Logic 1 (high)- +9V to +30V maximum or open circuit An onboard switch allows s
Monitor outputs: Open collector NPN transistor, referenced to 0VLow level - +1V maximum at 30mA maximum High level - open circuit +24V maximum
Card size:Eurocard format 160 mm long x 100 mm high x 36 mm wide.
Weight:100g approximately
Connector:32 way a & c DIN41612 type D.
Operating temperature range:0°C to 40°C maximum ambient