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Eurocard Housed Control Systems & Solutions

For many years Mclennan has prided itself on its system capabilities. By using Eurocard rack systems, we can offer a fully functional multi axis stepper or servo or a combination of the two, as a housed system. Built up from in house and stocked Eurocard parts.

In this section you will see a wide range of our system components (PM1000) and other types from TRIO Motion.

If you need help in choosing the right controller for your application then get in touch!

SLS : Sub rack with built-in MSX and ZMX+ stepper motor power stages

Phytron‘s SLS housings are for up to 8 ZMX+ or 4 MSX stepper motor power stages with power supply. Besides the standard designs we also offer individually ...

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Packaged Brushless Motor Systems

Brushless servo motor systems are based on "in-service proven" drives and controls that offer an ideal solution to a wide range of industrial, scientific and...

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Packaged DC Servo Motor Systems

SM9000 series DC Servo Motor control systems are fully cased free standing units that are also suitable for mounting in a 19 in Rack system. Based on Mclen...

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Packaged Stepper Motor Systems

The SM9000 series modular technology provides maximum system flexibility with high performance stepper motor control systems in standard robust EMC compliant...

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PM1000 Motion Controller

A fundamental feature of the PM1000 controller is the motion control algorithm developed to meet the most demanding accuracy requirements enabling precise...

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Rack mounting power supplies

The Mclennan MSE and PM series of modular power supplies have been developed specifically for motor drive applications offering a wide choice of power rating...

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