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Miniature Housed Incremental Encoders

Mclennan offers a very wide range of Miniature Kit encoders from a number of the Worlds leading suppliers. These devices are compact, robust and reliable !

Unsure what device you need? Not a problem, give us a call today and an experienced Sales & Applications Engineers are on hand to advise and help you get the most out what you are trying to achieve!

CP-200 Housed Modular Encoders

Allied Motion's CP-200 series modular optical encoders are cost effective, easy to mount encoders with high data rate capabilities. The CP-200 model is capab...

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M Sense B Magnetic Encoder

M Sense B Magnetic Encoder, designed for applications requiring high accuracy and feedback positioning. Quickly and accurately upgrade your motor-drive s...

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CP-300 Series Housed Encoders

Allied Motion's CP-300 series encoder is a small, rugged encoder with a square package form factor that is identical to that of a 39 mm stepper motor. The C...

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CP-500 Series Housed Encoder

Allied Motion's CP-500 series hollow shaft encoder is a small, rugged optical encoder with a package form factor similar to that of a 39 mm stepper motor. ...

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CP-800/900 Series Housed Encoders

Allied Motion's CP800/900 series are size-25 (2.5 in. (63.5mm)) rotary optical encoders, available as solid or hollow shaft models with incremental, sine/co...

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Tamagawa Rotary Encoder

Mclennan is delighted to act as stocking distributor and sales partner (UK and Ireland) for the full range of rotary encoders offered by Tamagawa Seiki, manu...

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